The official release of PAN M 360 is scheduled for March 2020, but in the meantime… feast your eyes and ears on our TOP 360 of the decade!The aim of your new reference platform in music media is considerable: to guide music aficionados, fans, artists and music professionals through the enormity of what’s on offer on stage, on the web, in your home stereo, your phone, your laptop, your tablet, your headphones. Before gradually putting all our bilingual content online, our concert calendars, album and concert reviews, reports, interviews, columns, tech talks, playlists, podcasts and audiovisual productions, the PAN M 360 team sets the scene with its selection of the 360 best albums of the decade, reaching back as far as 2010.To get an idea of our expertise and the extreme eclecticism we like to practice, root through our 360 reviews below. More than 260 musical genres and styles are identified, 85 countries and territories are represented. Whether it’s Quebec, Canadian, occidental or global content, whether it’s hip hop, soul/R&B, electro, rock, jazz, classical music, avant-pop or proto-punk, improvised music or auteur songwriting, reggae, konpa, cumbia, salsa, samba, brazilectro, K-pop, J-pop, ragas, maqamat, bhangra, raï or chaabi, ALL musical genres and styles interest PAN M 360’s experts.Wishing you hours of reading, listening, discovering and, above all, having a great time!