Pays : Québec Label : Genres et styles : Hip Hop / Pop / Soul Jazz / Soul Pop Année : 2022

Carla Blanc – Plaisirs et terreurs de la vie domestique

· par Alain Brunet

Carla Blanc plays the game of sensuality with this micro-album, the referents dream pop, soul pop, instrumental hip hop, French pop or jazzy soul are well welded here. In search of a balance between acoustic instruments (wind instruments), electric instruments (guitars, Fender Rhodes, etc.) and electronic instruments (beatmaking with hip hop aesthetic), the arrangements and the production remind us a little of the approach of the Afro-British master Blood Orange. The six songs on the program are in line with the current fashion for refined musicians to bring together all the lutheries available to create a very fine alloy. The singer speaks in French or standard English, like his guests at the microphone, Évelyne Brochu (Franco) and Ogee Rodman (Anglo), and his fictional tales are generally well written, circumscribed in the intimate life of a narrator whose ship is cruising in the night.

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