What is PAN M 360 ?

PAN M 360 is a Montreal-based media company specializing in music.

In 2020, the innovative and collaborative PAN M 360 will welcome all to a unique space in the world, a space to discover, appreciate and experience the highest quality music, from here and abroad.

We value openness to all musical sensibilities, we practice extreme eclecticism, we offer music aficionados a 360-degree perspective.

The PAN M 360 platform is produced by Multimédias M 360, a social economy enterprise. Our team wishes to support the revival of quality cultural journalism in the context of great precarity of reference media, and thereby promote the dissemination of Canadian content and musical works.

In the wake of the gradual decline of cultural content in traditional media, very few music experts are now able to practice their profession. This decline in the dissemination of niche content is also creating economic insecurity for music creators and their partners.

We believe in the pooling of the best communicators: specialized writers, experienced critics, translators, educators, musicologists, communication artists and music lovers.

PAN M 360 is a tool for expression, popularization and promotion for composers, performers, directors, producers, promoters and broadcasters of quality musical content. It will gradually develop content for READ, LISTEN, WATCH, LEARN, and PARTICIPATE during the year 2020.

PAN M 360: a 360-degree panorama of music!

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