What is PAN M 360 ?

PAN M 360 is a Montreal-based media company specializing in music

PAN M 360 offers a PANORAMIC perspective on MUSIC, with a complete 360 DEGREE field of vision.

PAN M 360 is both a reference media and a participatory platform for the entire music community: music lovers, music students, creators, performers, singers, rappers, beatmakers, producers, publishers, musicologists, historians, and cultural economists.

PAN M 360 is a compass for music aficionados, the missing link between the musical ecosystem and the exponential offerings of streaming and downloading platforms.

PAN M 360 is a fusion of music-reference media and social media.

PAN M 360 supports the local production of quality music – French, English, all languages and all roots.

PAN M 360 is also globalist, open to musical productions from all continents, all languages, all cultures, far beyond familiar Western content.

PAN M 360 practices extreme eclecticism in music, with no hierarchy of genres, cultures, or eras.

PAN M 360 maximizes your musical experience by offering tools for understanding and appreciating sound forms.

PAN M 360 is a vehicle of expression, popularization, and dissemination for composers, performers, producers, promoters, and broadcasters of quality musical content.

PAN M 360 aims to create a vast community of music fans and encourages their involvement in interactive content and the production of exclusive content.

PAN M 360 is a platform produced by a non-profit organization, a social-economy enterprise whose goal is to professionalize music expertise and better serve its fans.

PAN M 360 is a robust participant in the revival of quality content in culture.

PAN M 360 is a fully bilingual (English and French) international platform initiated in Montreal.

PAN M 360 wants to make Montreal’s multiculturalism contagious on a national and international scale.

PAN M 360 creates the ideal conditions for a new musical ecosystem to READ, LIST, WATCH, APPRECIATE, UNDERSTAND, and PARTICIPATE.


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