Country : Canada (Quebec) Label : Ad Litteram Genres and styles : Electro / Electronic / Pop Year : 2020
Many Masks

The Ride (EP)

· by Alain Brunet

“Electro-organic”, the laidback pop of Joseph, renamed Many Masks in the context of this artistic project, is part of a general trend: expressing himself in English, the Quebec artist evolves in a digital environment that does not exclude guitars and analog keyboards. Thus, despite the electro angle of the songs suggested here, he does not depart from distinctly throwback influences. This EP makes the most of a stuffy, sluggish voice that lingers over well laid-out melodic tracks, but not without accuracy. This apparent indolence is at the service of an artist who is more efficient than he seems. Many Masks is indeed able to string together solid catchphrases, a masterful quality in this case. Through five well-crafted songs under the banner The Ride, their creator evokes masks to be peeled away, slices of life and other facets of himself. In short, Many Masks is about knowing oneself better, and expressing the same – in short, Many Masks goes to the heart of Joseph. We’re eager for more.

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