Pays : United States Label : AUM Fidelity Genres et styles : Free Improvisation Année : 2018
Daniel Carter, William Parker, Matthew Shipp

Seraphic Light (Live at Tufts University)

· par Michel Rondeau

One fine evening in April 2017, the trio participated in an evening presented at Tufts University in Boston on the theme of Art, Race, and Politics in America. After the screening the 1959 documentary The Cry of Jazz and a 45-minute Q&A session with the audience, the three seasoned musicians, all pumped up, threw themselves into the void. For 55 minutes, avoiding long solos and favouring attentive interaction and informed invention, they explored and pushed back the limits of continuous melodic improvisation. And this, with such ease that you would have thought they were following a score. Yes, it can be said, that April evening in Boston, Carter, Parker and Shipp surpassed themselves.

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