Pays : United States Label : aufnahme + wiedergabe Genres et styles : Coldwave Année : 2015


· par Geneviève Gendreau

This debut LP by the New York duo kicks off beautifully with “Strange Harvest”, released two years earlier. A series of melancholic odes on the back of reverberant guitars and dynamic, often groovy tracks, Services acts is a hymn for a dolorous dancefloor. If Tempers add a stone to the imposing edifice of Trisomie 21’s “La fête triste ”, it’s a perfectly carved one, between the ritual frenzy of the nights of debauchery and the lamentable return to oneself. Even Jasmine Golestaneh’s voice, with its alternately sulky and severe inflections, embodies this aesthetic, a skillfully balanced blend of impassive languor and propulsion.

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