Country : Ghana Label : Awesome Tapes From Africa Genres and styles : Afro-Pop / Afro-Rap / Electro / Highlife / Hiplife Year : 2015
Ata Kak

Ooba Sima

· by Patrick Baillargeon

A release of only 50 cassettes in 1994, Ooba Sima was long unavailable to the few who even knew about this Afro-electro-pop UFO from the enigmatic Ata Kak. Thanks to the archaeological work of Brian Shimkovitz (of Awesome Tapes From Africa), who reissued it on cassette and released it for the first time on vinyl and CD in 2015, we were able to discover this mischievous DIY mix of electro funk, pop, hip hop and highlife rapped in the Kwi language, at an accelerated pace. The result is staggering.

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