Country : United States Label : Slumberland Genres and styles : Drone / Indie Pop / Noise-Pop / Pop / Shoegaze Year : 2020
Peel Dream Magazine

Agitprop Alternat

· by Patrick Baillargeon

When Modern Meta Physic was released in 2018, it unveiled the world of multi-instrumentalist Joe Steven, shot through with shoegaze and dreamy indie pop. With this sequel, the versatile New Yorker chose to work more in a group setting, adding strength and impact to his mix. On Agitprop Alternat, Peel Dream Magazine ventures more confidently into the grooves once outlined by My Bloody Valentine, Broadcast and especially Stereolab. Agitprop Alterna contains its share of beautiful, ethereal melodies and cosmic ballads between Joe Steven and Jo-Ann Hyun, deliciously supported by skillfully controlled layers of fuzz and noise/drone, and a deliberately muffled drum set. If the references are obvious to say the least, Peel Dream Magazine offers, in barely 40 minutes, a beautiful example of shoegaze faithful to the style, and noise-pop, meticulously studied and perfectly realized.

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