Pays : Canada / Québec Label : Audiogram Genres et styles : Avant-Pop / Neoclassical / Post-Minimalist Année : 2017
Pierre Lapointe

La science du coeur

· par Alain Brunet

For his best album of the last ten years, Lapointe studied “the science of the heart” with a collection of poetic reflections on love between beings, enlightened observations on the mechanics of intimate impulses and examinations of emotional paradoxes. In all intellectual honesty and emotional frankness, he oscillates between analytical rigour and the direct expression of his gut feelings. The Quebec artist offers us here a cardiology of beauty, a very fine literary achievement that boasts David-François Moreau’s lavish arrangements and orchestrations. Their fingers are on the pulse of neoclassicism and post-minimalism, not to mention very beautiful orchestral reminders of “classic” French chanson.

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