Pays : United States Label : Sacred Bones Genres et styles : Indie Rock / Neo-Psychedelia Année : 2019
Moon Duo

Stars Are the Light

· par Patrick Baillargeon

After the 2017 diptych Occult Architecture Vol. 1 and 2, Moon Duo moves on to a somewhat less fuzzy sound. On this sixth studio effort, the duo flirts with electronics, ventures into space disco and allows itself a few variations on the “ambient” sound of raves back in the day. Put like that, one could imagine a drastic change, but that’s (almost) not the case. Here, with the help of the legendary Sonic Boom (Spacemen 3) at the controls, Moon Duo offers a gently rhythmic, enveloping and, of course, quite soaring journey. One of the Portland pair’s most surprising records.

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