Pays : Argentina Label : Indépendant Genres et styles : Ambient / Downtempo Année : 2020

Siesta EP

· par Rupert Bottenberg

Your midafternoon power-pause now has an official soundtrack. Barulinho is a new alias for Barrio Lindo, which is Argentine producer Agustin Rivaldo, copilot of the Shika Shika label with El Búho. The choice of the Portuguese variant might be attributed to this four-track EP having been concocted in Lisbon. In any case, it’s profoundly relaxing stuff, sedate – but not somniferous. Each track is built out of a very simple motif on an old-fashioned instrument – plucked guitar strings on “Colgando”, a raspy wooden flute on “Siesta en Sunytun”, and welcoming thumb piano on the first and strongest piece, “Kalima Nara”. All are cradled in cottony clouds of soft synthesizer sounds, and settle at a spot between drowsiness and alertness. Suitable music for refreshing the spirit, for lucid dreaming, or at the very least, dodging a few hours of responsibility.

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