Pays : Canada (Quebec) Label : independent Genres et styles : Darkwave / Synth-Punk Année : 2023

Groupe B – Scorpion

· par Stephan Boissonneault

Groupe B is a mysterious and new dark wave/synth punk group from Montreal. We’re not entirely sure, but we think it’s the one man project from one of the guitarists of Double Date with Death.

The video for the first single “Scorpion” quietly dropped yesterday afternoon and comes fully equipped with a scratchy VHS style hand held video (filmed and edited by Evan Sharma) following a narrative that feels like an ’80s movie like The Warriors, Escape from New York, or Demolition Man. A man with a barbed-wire bat terrorizes a depanneur, a blonde bombshell is held captive by a sinister villain, the synths swell into a chugging rock guitar, and the vocals (in an almost new wave Depeche Mode style) consume the sonic scenery.

Stay for the atmospheric lead guitar line played on a hot pink guitar and tight as hell production. The mystery of Groupe B’s avatar will be solved later this week when they open for London UK post-punks, Warmduscher, at Bar Le Ritz on March 29.


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