Pays : Canada (Quebec) Label : Indépendant Genres et styles : Electro-Pop / Indie Rock / Post-Punk / Punk / Synthwave Année : 2020
Various Artists

Lost Opus Presents From Our Homes

· par Patrick Baillargeon

Lost Opus presents a great compilation of artists mostly from Montreal, but also from St. John’s and Charlottetown, available only on Bandcamp. The goal, to raise a little money for Montreal’s Native Women’s Shelter, and also, no doubt, to have fun in this period of total boredom. Of the 12 bands featured on From Our Homes, a few are relative unknowns, and the others have made their mark modestly here and there, in Montreal or the Maritimes. And that’s the whole point of this album, to discover – if you’re not part of a certain circle of insiders – artists who, for the most part, would benefit from being better known. From the synthwave of Ritual of Fire to the electropop of Alpen Glow, the psychedelic pop of Property, the indie-pop noise of Power Party, the amphetaminized garage of Sunnyside Uppers or the abrasive punk of Warsh and the unavoidable Priors, among others, it’s quite a wide selection… and it’s full of great promises! I can’t wait to see it all live!

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