Pays : Canada Label : Unlog Genres et styles : Electronic Année : 2020
Various Artists

EMINQC (Electronic Music Made In QC)

· par Elsa Fortant

Whether you’re a fan of electronic music, #musiquebleue, or both, here’s something to titillate, or even conquer your ears. In a context where the health crisis is pushing us to rethink our lifestyles on a local scale, the third EMINQC compilation is a fitting reminder that the Quebec electronic music scene has a lot to offer, with many discoveries yet to be made. The 11 compositions invite us to take the time to listen, to hear, to grasp, and to immerse ourselves in a musical meta-universe composed of planets that are independent of each other and yet all aligned. This snapshot of the scene reveals a wealth of approaches and sound signatures. From the immersive track to the pulsating ambient through melodic techno or IDM, prepare to be surprised. If the most cerebral among us will find their happiness there, so will the lovers of body movement. Of heterogeneous aesthetic horizons, all these proposals have nevertheless a common point: the quality of their workmanship. Unlog brilliantly takes up the challenge of content curation posed by such a compilation, by ensuring a musical selection that is at once eclectic, assertive and coherent. A special mention goes to Pizza Kitten’s “05m06”, destined to do some damage on the dancefloor.

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