Pays : Canada / Québec Label : Grosse Boîte Genres et styles : Avant-Pop / Folk Rock / Jazz / Prog Rock / Rock Année : 2019
Fred Fortin


· par Alain Brunet

Songwriter, singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Fred Fortin seeks to express the apparent coarseness and simplicity of his songcraft, but… from the end of the tree’s roots to the tips of its branches, this quest is carried out in concert with a desire for complexity. The songs and stories are based on musical skills clearly above average, the rhythmic and harmonic proposals regularly depart from the styles that constitute Americana culture (folk, blues, rock) without prior warning. On Fred’s menu here, tender scenes of domestic life, scenes of derision, psychotic fugues, microdoses in an artificial paradise, ethyl vapours, talent to be sold—he’s reached another peak here.

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