Pays : India Label : Riverboat Genres et styles : Bluegrass / Flamenco / Jazz Fusion Année : 2013
Debashish Bhattacharya & Friends

Beyond the Ragasphere

· par Rupert Bottenberg

Repurposing, even literally rebuilding, the lap slide guitar to best suit his vision of Indian classical music, Bhattacharya is an award-winning international marvel. He’s at once devoted to tradition and more than happy to jam out new configurations with top guitarists from around the globe, his flawless fretwork always vivid and satisfying. Beyond the Ragasphere finds him in great form, interspersing inspired collaborations among the traditional pieces. Two tracks feature Adam del Monte’s vigorous flamenco licks, another bluegrass icon Jerry Douglas. The overloaded “A Mystical Morning”, with fusion legend John McLaughlin, loses the plot soon enough, but there’s more than enough compensation in the album’s charming vocal contributions from Bhattacharya’s own teenage daughter Anandi.

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