Pays : Greece Label : ECM Genres et styles : Classical / Contemporary / Neoclassical Année : 2021

Konstantia Gourzi / Anajikon

· par Frédéric Cardin

Bewitching is the word that comes to mind when listening to Anajikon, an album of contemporary compositions by Konstantia Gourzi, a Greek composer living in Germany. For viola and piano (Hommage à Mozart), for orchestra (Ny-él / Two Angels in the White Garden, for Orchestra, Op. 65) or for string quartet (Anájikon / The Angel in the Blue Garden, String Quartet No. 3, Op.61), Gourzi’s universe is made of multiple shades of melancholy. We walk around as if in a misty dream, poignant melodies here, some slightly spicy dissonances elsewhere, accompanying us like a benevolent guide. One has quickly the impression to dive in a soundtrack of a film by Theo Angelopoulos. It is true that Gourzi’s pen has something as evocative as Eleni Karaindrou’s music and almost invites us at times to wait for the entrance of the magical voice of Angelique Ionnatos. Nils Mönkemeyer (viola), William Youn (piano), the Lucerne Academy Orchestra and the Miguet Quartett are all excellent. Not to be missed under any circumstances.

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