Pays : United States Label : RCA Genres et styles : Funk Année : 2014

Black Messiah

· par Frédéric Savard

An appropriate title for the almost messianic return of the fallen prince of American soul. After a triumphant and dazzling success with his album Voodoo, released at the beginning of the century, Michael Eugene Archer, AKA D’Angelo, disappeared from the music scene, struggling with substance-abuse and mental-health problems. We had to wait almost 15 years before we could again hear from this famous Black Messiah, who frankly does not disappoint. A strong comeback, more mature, introspective, and serious, inspired as always by Southern American gospel music that permeated the prodigy’s musical childhood. Let’s just hope he doesn’t make us wait another 15 years before offering us his next opus.

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