Pays : United Kingdom Label : Another Timbre Genres et styles : Année : 2019
Philip Thomas

Morton Feldman Piano

· par Michel Rondeau

How could a colossus like Feldman, who was more than six feet tall and weighed nearly 300 pounds, paradoxically compose such delicate music? Toru Takemitsu thought that maybe it was because he was so shortsighted that when he wrote his music, “it was as if he was touching the notes with his eyes.” What makes this box set such an exceptional success is the incredible attention to detail that has gone into it. Everything, from its long and patient preparation to the enlightening notes in the booklet, which the pianist wrote, has been handled with love and care. The sound recording is so intimate and tactile that the listener feels as if they’re sitting in the pianist’s bench. It reveals the subtleties of this music like never before.

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