Pays : Canada Label : Indépendant Genres et styles : Jazz Année : 2022

Karl Silveira – A porta aperta

· par Frédéric Cardin

Silveira is a Toronto-based trombonist whose A porta aperta is the first album as a leader. A porta aperta means two things: either “open door” in Latin or “door that compresses” in Portuguese. Both meanings adequately represent Silveira’s musical universe. The nine-piece suite for quintet (tenor/alto sax, trombone, piano, double bass, drums) oscillates between tradition (modal jazz or ‘’open harmony’’) and stylistic modernity (harmonic chromaticism or ‘’squeezed harmony’’), in an inspirational relationship that leads quite directly to giants such as Wayne Shorter and Monk. This is informed and educated jazz, perhaps a little cautious, which does not diminish its appeal. Silveira’s playing has something of Curtis Fuller in its sonic elegance or Steve Turre in the narrative verve he sometimes uses. Excellent performances by Silveira’s companions (David French and Allison Au on saxes, alternating, Chris Pruden on piano, Dan Fortin on double bass and Nico Dann on drums). An opportunity to discover what’s going on in the Toronto jazz scene.

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