Pays : United States Label : Org Genres et styles : Art Punk / Avant-Garde / No Wave Année : 2020


· par Patrick Baillargeon

When members or ex-members of Warpaint, Starlite Desperation, Dante Vs Zombies, Sex Stains, Detroit Cobras, Dura Delinquent, Jail Weddings, Swahili Blonde, Brass Tax, Ivory Deville, Black Pony and Sugar and Gold get together to form a band, it can only lead to something intriguing. And intriguing, the Oozelles certainly are – daring, adventurous, crazy, and captivating too. Rarely has a band been able to channel with such accuracy and talent the references that many think cool to add as qualifiers, but that very few manage to sublimate. Think Birthday Party, Can, Contortions, Honeymoon Killers, Flesh Eaters, and Stooges circa Fun House, and you’ll have a little idea of the spheres in which the Los Angeles sextet gravitates. Led by the fascinating voice of singer Dante White Aliano, the band delivers a sulfurous mix of art-punk, no wave, wacky exotica, weird pop and avant-garde gobbledygook to which it is impossible not to succumb. After a very promising first single, the combo strike again with a twelve-track album full of crazy guitars, wild sax, sexy flute and keyboards that leap and creep. With tales revolving around war criminals in mental hospitals, pit bulls devouring pizza delivery men, premature funerals, sugar-sucking vampire parents and arsonist hippies, Oozelles is one of the most beautiful WTFs to have tumbled between our paws since the beginning of the year.

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