Pays : Japan Label : Relapse Genres et styles : Doom Metal / Noise / Space Rock Année : 2020
Boris with Merzbow


· par Alain Brunet

Japan’s world-renowned noise master Merzbow teams up with his compatriots in Boris, a power trio (guitar, bass, drums, vocals) founded in 1992 and extremely prolific (approaching 30 albums!), known and appreciated for their mix of psychedelic rock, doom metal, and noise. Get ready to surf a doom wave! The sounds suggested here are arranged horizontally, gliding under stormy or even tempestuous skies, sailing on tumultuous waters. Very skillfully, the pilots confront the disturbances without ever being forced to crash or bail out, quite the contrary! A malicious pleasure is taken in crossing this hurricane, punctuated by a few patches of respite. This thunderous work distinguishes itself by the strong link between the sounds produced by Merzbow – extreme distortion, feedback effects, synthesizers adapted to the concept, oscillators and other home-made gizmos. Here the song forms are deconstructed with great mass strokes, in sound blocks lasting up to 13 minutes. The tempos are mostly slow or medium, the heaviness is at its maximum tolerability. It’s nevertheless formidable from start to finish! A convincing example of ambient violence produced by experienced creators who have devoted their entire lives to it. However, a warning is issues to sensitive ears and delicate hairstyles: you have to really appreciate the use of sonic jolts to appreciate this aesthetic, and enjoy coming out of it in really bad shape. We certainly did!

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