Pays : Slovenia Label : Fundacja Sluchaj Genres et styles : Experimental / Contemporary / Free Improvisation / Jazz Année : 2019
Zlatko Kaucic Quintet

Morning Patches

· par Michel Rondeau

A free improv session featuring American musician Michael Moore, long established in the Netherlands, with a pure timbre on clarinet and alto sax, Spanish saxophonist Albert Cirrera with a more noisy and textured sound, Italy’s Marco Colonna and Silvia Bolognesi on clarinets and double bass respectively, and Slovenia’s Zlatko Kaucic on discreet percussion, during a concert at the Contemporary Music Festival in Brda, Slovenia, in September 2018. In the acoustic space of a church, the five instrumentalists sketch out sparse but inventive pieces with all due restraint, and paint a dozen delicate miniatures of varying density. One almost has the impression of sailing through the clouds, the vaporous calm with its play of light and shadow and its fraying curls sometimes giving way to brief turbulence, and just like the crowd gathered in this church, one listens with bated breath.

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