Pays : France Label : Bongo Joe Genres et styles : Folk / Post-Punk Année : 2016


· par Luc Marchessault

A debut album arriving like a bat out of hell, from this alarming duo reminiscent of Brigitte Fontaine and Areski Belkacem in their busiest period. The cover presents the duo as a pair of yetis disguised as yaks. On the left, Simone Aubert, a drummer who works with Massicot as well. On the right, Vincent Bertholet, double bassist as well as boss of the magnificent Orchestre tout puissant Marcel Duchamp. Hyperculte deliver neo-dadaist speed folk, peppered with anxious chords that you’d imagine might come from Johnny Marr — high-end background sounds for trance and dance alike, that’s for sure.

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