Country : United Kingdom Label : independent Genres and styles : Drone Year : 2020
The Oscillation

Dreamweapon Mix 1

· by Patrick Baillargeon

Demian Castellanos, the guru at the controls of The Oscillation, presents a barely disguised tribute to the famous “Ecstasy In Slow Motion” found on Spacemen 3’s Dreamweapon album. Played on a keyboard, with the help of phasers and tremolo pedals, Dreamweapon Mix 1 was recorded live on a 4-track Fostex single in a hotel room, then transferred to ProTools and packed with effects. For 48 minutes, Castellanos wears Sonic Boom’s hat and takes us on a long astral journey that reflects the Londoner’s growing penchant for electronic sounds. Fans on the more space-rock/psychy side of the band might find it lacks groove, but the drone exercise, which is what it’s all about here, is still quite engaging and reveals a little more of its subtleties with each listen. Only available in digital version on Bandcamp.

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