Pays : Canada (Quebec) / France Label : Unlog Genres et styles : Electronic / IDM Année : 2020
Mole Machine

Dancing Plague

· par Elsa Fortant

Do you know the story of Cassandra? A character from Greek mythology with a tragic destiny (like most of her peers), she received the gift of prophecy from Apollo. Offended that she had rejected his love, he decreed that her predictions would never be taken seriously, even when she announced the fall of Troy. For centuries, the story of the daughter of the king of the mythical city has fascinated poets, painters, filmmakers, and composers. Mole Machine offers a contemporary interpretation of the story, which finds its strength in music and images. A video editor by profession, Jérémy Alcaraz directed a video, bursting with textures and colours, for “Dancing on a Tipping Point”, which features a dancer. Could it be the reincarnation of the Trojan princess? The background/form approach of the video echoes the attention paid to the musical material. The intertextuality between the narration (found on the Bandcamp page of the album), the music, and the visual representation gives rise to a dark and surreal universe. Alongside the heroine, we experience incomprehension, oppression, suffering, and then liberation. The six tracks navigate between IDM and electronica – “An Overcrowded Anger“ even gives us a glimpse of progressive rock inspirations – and we move, we let ourselves be carried away, we let ourselves be told a story. 

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