Country : Canada Label : Arts & Crafts Genres and styles : Alt-Country / Ambient / Folk Rock / Southern Gothic Year : 2014
Timber Timbre

Hot Dreams

· by Patrick Baillargeon

The fifth effort by Taylor Kirk and multi-instrumentalist Simon Trottier’s band plunges us into an atmosphere that is both sensual and strange, reminiscent of Angelo Badalamenti’s soundtracks. The omnipresence of reverberation in Kirk’s voice, Colin Stetson’s sexy saxophone, Mika Posen’s strings and the addition of numerous vintage keyboards give a unique, slightly retro tone to the whole album. We find some of Tindersticks’s end-of-the-world melancholy and the dark ’50s American romanticism cherished by the Bad Seeds, Dirty Beaches or Crime and the City Solution. A dreamlike album of dark beauty.

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