Country : Canada (Quebec) Label : Royal Mountain Genres and styles : Post-Punk Year : 2020

Welcome to Bobby’s Motel

· by Patrick Baillargeon

After an acclaimed first EP released last year, the Montreal quintet finally presents their first full-length album. Welcome to Bobby’s Motel reveals a more cohesive and precise band, with numerous concerts, and tours with Parquet Courts, Thee Oh Sees, Viagra Boys, and Fontaines DC, undoubtedly playing a big part in this surprising togetherness. Pottery called upon the excellent producer Jonathan Schenke (Bodega, Public Practice, and Parquet Courts, among others) to bring this record to a successful conclusion. Over 11 tracks, Paul Jacobs, Jacob Shepansky, Austin Boylan, Tom Gould, and Peter Baylis take various paths, sometimes funky and faux-kitsch, at other times casual and charming or a little more freaky (Paul Jacobs’ touch is evident on some tracks) and psychedelic, often swinging between tunes and grooves that remind us here of Talking Heads, there of XTC’s numerous adventures, or Zappa in his sweet madness. In the end, Welcome to Bobby’s Motel turns out to be a frivolous and playful record, just like the band on stage. And who is this Bobby, and where is this famous motel? It’s not by listening to the record that you’ll find out.

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