Pays : France (Martinique) Label : Aztèk Genres et styles : Antillean Jazz / Contemporary Jazz / Zouk Année : 2018
Mario Canonge

Zouk Out

· par Ralph Boncy

Heir to the jovial Marius Cultier, who left tracks in Montreal, Martinique pianist Mario Canonge continues showing his strength and determination, all the while closely followed by other virtuoso compatriots like Gregory Privat, Ronald Tulle or Thierry Vaton. Cultier’s solo discography includes a dozen albums and even if his schedule is full of various collaborations, he’s adamant: “Zouk Out is the perfect reflection of who I am: a jazzman who draws his inspiration from Caribbean music.” Ably assisted by Arnaud Dolmen, a really astonishing young drummer, and Michel Alibo, the veteran bass player who hasn’t lost his biting edge, Super Mario delivers a monstrous groove in “Karnaval Blues”. Let’s give him his due credit.

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