Country : France Label : Seine Zoo Genres and styles : Hip Hop Year : 2016


· by Luc Marchessault

In the corpus of the hyper-popular Nekfeu, Cyborg (2016) insinuates itself with grace between Feu (2015) and Les étoiles vagabondes (2019). Nekfeu (Ken Samaras) belongs to the school of gentle, modest MCs, those who dip their pen in the neo-romantic inkwell. Nekfeu’s flow sometimes resembles a river carrying logjams of idealist notions. Rap fiends won’t hold this against him, though, given the coefficient of his charm. Meriting mention are the luminous contributions of Clara Luciani on “Avant tu riais”, and the venerable saxophonist Archie Shepp on “O.D. et Vinyle”.

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