Pays : United States Label : Mothland Genres et styles : Art Rock / funk-rock / Indie Rock / Psych-Rock Année : 2022

Spaceface – Anemoia

· par Stephan Boissonneault

“Have you heard the universe whisper?” asks the opening track of American psych-retro-rock futurists Spaceface’s sophomore album, Anemoia, before launching into the space funk number “Happens All The Time,” similar in sound to the blaxploitation of Funkadelic or James Brown. The cult appreciation of the mystical vocal jargon in the first track sets the mood for the listening experience perfectly, as vocals cut through in a soft cadence and take you on a wave of exploration.

I find it hard to completely categorize this Sepia-toned album as any genre, as it dips into very different sounds between every song. The bass is always ever-present, bouncing between alluring soundbites that make you wanna shake. Just try to resist the disco appeal of “Piña Collider,” inspired by the real-life Hadron Collider scientists. 

Do you remember fun? When there were events and there was no abject terror in meeting a new person for the first time. Do you remember the beach and 100 person parties? This album harnesses those feelings and contributes to the weird avant-garde pocket world Spaceface has you lost in for just shy of 38 minutes.

Spaceface had an aesthetic from the beginning of their creation: a futuristic rooftop party and they run with that theme 1000 percent. All of these songs sound like they could be playing in the background as balloon animals, glitter, champagne, vintage clothing, and disco balls make up the scene. It sounds like it could have been written in 1974 or just yesterday, a truly timeless achievement that will no doubt be spinning in bars, clubs, pool parties for days to come.

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