Pays : Canada Label : Warner Music Genres et styles : Rock / soft-rock / Space Rock Année : 2022

The Sheepdogs – Outta Sight

· par Amanda Richer

The Sheepdogs prove to themselves on their seventh studio album Outta Sight that they used their time wisely during the dark days of the pandemic, creating a work of musical art that stays true to a nostalgic rock n’ roll sound.

The album, produced by frontman Ewan Currie starts with “Here I Am” right from the beginning of the song you know it’s going to be sweet with Jimmy’s great guitar-driven effects combined with Ewan’s vocals already drawing you in. The Saskatoon Rockers continue on through this record with their groovy rock n’ roll, taking you back to the ‘70s with a Lynyrd Skynyrd approach and mixing some blues and country, giving you a modern-day melodic vibe.

“Find the Truth” was the first single and video made for this record with an upbeat rock n roll blues mixed in with a bit of country. Even with the mix of genres in this song, it still has the perfect classic harmony and catchy course The Sheepdogs go for with “I know you can find the truth.” While the second single “So far Gone” starts off with a great jazzy- blues low key melody. Just past the one-minute mark in the song, the guitar picks up some tuneful groves that blend well with the bass and drums, making it a splendid soft rock song.   

Everyone shines on this album with angelic and chorus chanting vocals, chiming and thunderous guitar playing, and steady drum beats. The keyboards also give it an electric mind-bending experience along with the bass. They have all the right ingredients blended together.

These Canadian rock stars created an inspiring album that has a modern twist while still staying true to who they are with their ‘70s rock style. By the time you get to the end of the album, you will wish it was longer. 

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