Pays : Canada Label : Full Time Hobby / PIAS Genres et styles : Ambient / Psych-Folk / Singer-Songwriter Année : 2020
Dana Gavanski

Yesterday Is Gone

· par Alain Brunet

For this young woman of Serbian origin born in Vancouver, then transplanted to the east of the country (Toronto, then Montreal), the opus Yesterday Is Gone is a journey on which to “learn to say what I feel, and to feel what I say”. The title sums up the poetic vector well: nostalgia, anxiety, and uncertainties of personal growth, surpassing oneself at the peaks of existence, on its plateaus and in its ravines. For this daughter of a filmmaker father and a painter mother, songwriting came naturally after her university studies. Clearly, Gavanski had enough family and personal background to reach a more than respectable level of creativity, one has to observe when listening to these 10 songs, the appreciation of which grows with repetition. The singer knows how to work with her own technical limits, i.e. how to maximize the expressivity of a rather thin, medium-powered voice, through reliable psych-folk arrangements, layered with electronic textures. Sam Gleason and Mike Lindsay, of Tunng and LUMP, co-produced with the singer/songwriter, all of them working hard to “find the essentials, don’t overdo it, keep things out in the open, let the elements speak for themselves”.

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