Pays : Québec Label : Disques 7e Ciel Genres et styles : Hip Hop / Keb Rap Année : 2023

LaF – Chrome

· par Alain Brunet

LaF’s third album follows EPs by Jamaz and Bkay, as well as Mantisse’s first solo album, and marks a turning point. Until recently, LaF represented the rising forces of local hip-hop, we can say that this posture is now a thing of the past. LaF should fill the MTELUS this Friday and several other Quebec halls, thus registering in the forefront of keb rap. The group has achieved a nice balance between rap from French-speaking Europe and French-speaking America. And so the trio represents this movement of young adults or educated teenagers for the most part who have little to do with the reality of the street even if they are aware of it. LaF is rather the expression of artists from relatively privileged backgrounds, eager to express their legitimate concerns while aspiring to a very good level of poetic writing. 

These artists are of course in tune with hip-hop culture, that is to say dependent on the notions of flow, consonance, articulation, etc. The beatmaking is generally solid, marked in part by British electro, drum N bass, bass music or UK garage, often present in grime (British rap), but also by quality American hip-hop, boom bap and breakbeats in priority. Acoustic or electric instruments are added to the arsenal of sounds and melodies of soul / R&B allegiance, guitars, violin, flute, trumpet or human voices of the singer Rau Ze (Blue Cheez ) and rapper SeinsSucrer (Le champ despossibles). Here is great proof of maturity for the continuation of things, that is to say, the accession of LaF to the top of the curve of popularity keb.

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