Pays : Canada / Québec Label : Ninja Tune Genres et styles : Electro / Krautrock / Poetry / Synthwave / Techno Année : 2018
Marie Davidson

Working Class Woman

· par Alain Brunet

In recent years, Marie Davidson has distinguished herself within the duo Essaie Pas, of which she is co-founder, but her solo career has also taken off with Adieux au Dancefloor (2016), preceded by Un autre voyage (2015), Perte d’identité (2014) and Marie Davidson (2012). The Montrealer has created an thorough blend of techno, punk, dance-punk, krautrock, and French synthwave, an amalgam to which she adds fragments of reflection, dramaturgy and poetry expressed in both English and French. On their own, each of the variables in Marie Davidson’s spread are of no exceptional interest — it’s their assembly that confers on them pronounced artistic value.

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