Country : Canada Label : Black Box Genres and styles : Garage Rock / Punk Year : 2020

The Ends

· by Yohann Goyat

The OBGMs are to be taken very seriously. “This is a black-fronted punk band, and that’s really important.” That’s how Densil McFarlane put it on the label’s band site. From Toronto, The OBGMs is another sure thing to be reckoned with. This second album is a warning to listeners: the trio is not going in with a grain of salt and has poured all its guts into it. With this opus, they enter the big league. The critics are unanimous: The Ends is a time bomb. The members of Billy Talent and PUP are full of praise for the album. The trio even declared later on that they “can move forward or even retire” after such returns.

With their debut eponymous album, released in 2017, “the thought process was other people first.” The Ends is the antithesis: the subjects are more personal, incisive, deep and above all liberated. The trio put all their heart, rage and energy into it and let their musical identity speak for itself. The album was produced by the great Dave Schiffman (Trash Talk, PUP, Rage Against the Machine), the instruments and rhythms are more incisive and aggressive, like the tracks “Triggered” and “Karen O’s”, which hit head on at a hundred miles an hour. McFarlane (vocal/guitar) has learned from his mistakes and turns the page on his past with the striking track “Not Again”. He’s questioning his relationship with the band as much as he’s questioning himself. From now on, it is imperative to do what the members want no matter what it takes, as he expresses so well on “Cash”. A free spirit, incendiary lyrics, and electrifying music. With The OBGMs, it only takes a spark to ignite a fire. A highly dangerous, but necessary product.

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