Country : Canada / France / Québec Label : independent Genres and styles : Avant-Pop / Electro / Hip Hop / Jazz Year : 2018
Jérôme Minière

Dans la forêt numérique

· by Alain Brunet

Divided into eight magnificent songs, this album achieves an almost perfect balance, with this notion at its core: “the truth is an endangered species” in the digital forest, “the enigmas seem to be solved by popularity contests.” This feeling, a lucid reflection of our zeitgeist, our lives so often destabilized by the precarity of society, is carried by music that flourishes within the listeer. Avant-pop aesthetics, hip hop, coldwave, jazz, and baroque blend in the melting pot of the top-flight songwriter. Seemingly simple, this great stylistic diversity and literary depth illustrate the full mastery of their composer and director.

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