Pays : United Kingdom Label : Sony Music Masterworks Genres et styles : Classical / Neoclassical Année : 2020
Alexis Ffrench


· par Laurence Gauvin

U.K. pianist and composer Alexis Ffrench adds the album Dreamland to his already extensive discography, which consists mainly of works for solo piano, or for piano with string accompaniment. Although at first glance, the album can be described as neo-classical, a romantic spirit reigns within some of the tracks. The melodies are deeply emotional and lyrical, often supported by the special expressiveness of a cello’s timbre. What strikes us most as we listen to the songs is the sense of optimism that seems to guide the notes played by the pianist. This album is full of hope, as witnessed by the piece “One”, in which Ffrench integrates a choir singing in a gospel style. Other pieces for solo piano are more sober: “Wishing”, among others, consists of a sweet melody doubled by an accompaniment without embellishments. This is in perfect harmony with the composer’s desire to democratize classical music and make it accessible. A rethought and very rhythmic version of the renowned “Für Elise” also adds a small dancing note to this album with varied styles. Dreamland is a little bit of sweetness that brings warmth and a good mood.

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