Pays : United States Label : Sacred Bones Genres et styles : Coldwave / Folk / Krautrock / Neo-Psychedelia / Noise Rock / Post-Punk / Rock Année : 2020
Artistes variés

I Fall in Love With the Light: A Sacred Bones Compilation

· par Louise Jaunet

To support its artists forced to cancel their tours, the independent label Sacred Bones is releasing a compilation exclusively on Bandcamp, with all revenues going to contributing artists. Founded in 2007 in New York, the discreet but nevertheless influential label shows a pronounced taste for dark, mysterious, and cathartic experimental music. All releases are signed with a black triangle surrounded by an ouroboros, which can be interpreted as symbols of the divine wisdom omnipresent in the world. Each artist possesses a deep spiritual vision of existence, manifested in a dark aesthetic, pierced by an intrinsic, vital light. Molchat Doma’s latest recruits, the Belarusian band Molchat Doma, create a cold, retro, post-punk sound straight out of a 1980s Soviet-bloc radio station. In the same vein, Black Marble offers gloomy cold wave songs inspired by New Order. On the noise side, we find the collaboration between Uniform and The Body, who share their overwhelming nihilistic philosophy, embodied in a powerful apocalyptic wall of sound, or Pharmakon, with its industrial, (self-) destructive death-noise. Moon Duo, early signees to the label, offer a spatial experience of funky krautrock as colourful and contemplative as a hallucinogenic trip. The Chilean band Föllakzoid create an extraordinary gnostic ritual, where minimalist techno reverberations transcend the soul and erase all rational and spatio-temporal landmarks. The album also features material by Blanck Mass, Jenny Hval, SPELLING and Hilary Woods, who recently released Birthmarks, a poetic industrial-folk album recorded during her pregnancy. During these dark and doubtful times we live in, this compilation may well help us find our own inner spiritual light and, who knows, maybe fall in love with it.

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