Pays : Canada Label : W.25TH Genres et styles : Lo-Fi / Noise-Pop / Pop / Rock Année : 2020
Cindy Lee

What’s Tonight To Eternity

· par Patrick Baillargeon

This fourth effort by Cindy Lee, the project led by ex-Women member Patrick Flegel, is in a way the culmination of years of exploration and ideas evoked in the band’s previous albums. Here Flegel seems more in control of his music. The noise elements are more under control, the whole thing is better orchestrated and the production level is much higher. Flegel’s soft voice, swaddled inn reverb, supported by a juxtaposition of ethereal ambience and controlled feedback assaults, seems even more troubled. The dark melancholy of the Toronto band, its penchant for the tragic romanticism of Motown pop and Richard Gottehrer’s ’60s productions, echoes the work of Badalamenti, Ela Orleans and Suicide, to give you an idea. But Cindy Lee is much more than this simple amalgam of references and influences; What’s Tonight to Eternity is a record that reveals a little more of itself with each listen, a rich and dense work in which chaos is wonderfully interwoven with the light.

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