Country : United States Label : 36 Chambers / MNRK Genres and styles : boom bap / Hip Hop / rap / Soul/R&B Year : 2022

RZA – Bobby Digital and the Pit of Snakes

· by CCJ Gabriel

The iconic inventor of the infamous Wu-Tang Clan, Mr. Bobby Digital himself, RZA is back with his latest, eight-track album and has not missed a beat. To be accompanied by a graphic novel of the same name this month, RZA wastes no time painting pictures in your mind with his words and intense rhyme schemes. Not a traditional Rap or Hip-Hop album by any means, immediately upon hitting play, fans are greeted with beautiful guitar riffs strummed over classic 90s, boom-bap, hats, and kicks. With every song featuring thought-provoking and mostly short rap verses, virtually every chorus is sung beautifully by a handful of unique but fitting collaborators. 

Feeling like what would be the soundtrack to a Quinton Tarrantino “cowboys vs ninjas” type film, this album had me both wanting to chill out and practice kung-fu at the same time. There’s something about the fusion of simple yet thought-provoking rhymes and humble yet elaborate instrumentals that RZA has timelessly mastered, which keeps loyal fans coming back for more. Focusing on telling a cohesive story throughout this project, RZA managed to also evoke emotion and empower his listeners while taking them on a triumphant journey. Songs like “Cowards” and “Fight To Win” will have you questioning your positions on certain societal issues, which also relate to themes in his graphic novel; while songs like “Trouble Shooting” will inspire you and get you in the mood to want to conquer the world. 

Albeit short, this album is fulfilling in providing an entertaining escape from reality for a short while. Flowing together seamlessly, every song is positioned and fits its slot perfectly. The vocals were mixed exceptionally well and weren’t overproduced, and much of the same can be said about the instrumentals. Simplicity at its finest, this album allowed the emotion of each vocalist and the beauty of each instrument to take centre stage. Although leaving listeners with the desire for more, the Bobby Digital and the Pit of Snakes graphic novel will more than likely fill that void. 

If you haven’t yet, be sure to not only listen to this album but also watch the official videos released for each song. Ripped straight from comic book pages, the visuals add a whole other level of enjoyment to the RZA’s latest multimedia endeavour.

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