Les Amazones d’Afrique

Amazones Power

· par Jean Bourbeau

After a successful first production in 2017, the first all-female supergroup of nine West African  singers returns with an ambitious second album, opening up horizons of collaboration with 16 artists from various countries (Ethiopia, France, Colombia, Algeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Spain, Guyana). Recorded in Bamako, this polyglot and multi-generational album keeps the same guideline: to use music to implement a discourse of disruption, committed to the fight for greater equality for, and against directed at, women worldwide.

Thanks to a plethora of stylistic alliances, each track glows with a different colour, infused with modernity. It’s a mosaic of cultures, where R&B, electronic, dancehall, reggae, funk, chaabi and hip hop intertwine. The tracks follow one another and, despite the range of influences, Amazones Power sways confidently between the avant-garde and griot tradition. The plural origins of the collective unite in a sublime hymn to the feminine condition, to its vulnerabilities, to its present and future gains. Male voices from the diaspora are also involved.

This second album, with its Afrofuturist aesthetics, exudes a charm inherent to its melodic quality and its militant fervour, all the more so as it constitutes a musical testimony of great cultural richness. We can only encourage you to discover this remarkable enterprise.

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