Country : United Kingdom Label : + FOURS Genres and styles : R&B Year : 2020
Pip Millett

Lost in June

· by Anne-Sophie Rasolo

Two years after the discreet release of her sublime Make Me Cry, Pip Millett launches the mini-album Lost in June. The photo on the cover shows the soulful sweetness of a singer in the prime of her life, but the lyrics should not be underestimated. This too-short album full of sincerity marries the sound of the bass with her mature voice, inspired by the likes of Lauryn Hill and the late Amy Winehouse. The R&B dimension is very present, but Pip’s refined style gives it a certain class. This album follows a series of singles released here and there, including a beautiful cover of Otis Redding’s famous “Try a Little Tenderness”, to which she manages to add her own special touch. Yes, the singer stands out from the lot of talented young girls recently discovered in pop R&B, and if we had to lean towards rhythm and a certain bluesiness, and bet on the future, Pip’s sobriety would win out over a thousand. 

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