Country : United Kingdom Label : Fiction Genres and styles : Post-Punk / Post-Rock / Rock Year : 2020
Another Sky

I Slept on the Floor

· by Alain Brunet

A meteorite is headed towards Planet Rock, collision imminent! Catrin Vincent and her Another Sky acolytes, former music students at London’s Goldsmiths University, have determined the force of impact. Against a backdrop of rock rhythms, walls of guitars, heavy bass, keyboard flow, and electronic ornaments, here is a distinct sound despite the apparent redundancy of the first impressions. The determining element of a potentially powerful international conquest, the singer of Another Sky can count on an absolutely unique vocal organ, her artistic posture inspired by heroines as diverse as Margaret Atwood, Joni Mitchell, Frida Kahlo and Kae Tempest – that’s to say, depth and eloquence! Without being predictable preachy, Vincent’s lyrics are also charged with critical meaning through the subjects she tackles – mental health, domestic violence, male abuse of power, economic precarity, sarcasm towards the privileged, and more. In 2020, a band of indie rock allegiance, English-style post-punk in this case, must necessarily be distinguished by these characteristics: emotional charge, raw energy, bite, singularity of arrangements, solo voice, quality of purpose. Another Sky combines all these qualities.

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