Pays : Canada (Quebec) Label : Mothland Genres et styles : Krautrock / Post-Rock / Psych-Rock Année : 2022

Yoo Doo Right – A Murmur, Boundless to the East

· par Louise Jaunet

After facing their finality on Don’t Think You Can Escape Your Purpose in 2020, the trio Yoo Doo Right returns home to the burgeoning Mothland label to tell us about their new cosmic adventure, with their latest album A Murmur, Boundless to the East.

Recorded at Hotel2Tango and produced by Radwan Ghazi Moumneh (Suuns, Ought, Fly Pan Am), the album recounts a Godspeed-like post-rock celestial journey to find one’s true nature, one’s “inner East.” It also tells of an initiatory ordeal in which a hero confronts the limits of his own personal flaws. Despite all the goodwill in the world, certain traps can be set along the way and some people are held prisoners; they forget their mission or even reluctantly neglect their own identity. If an adventure never unfolds without a detour, a deviation, or a “Dérive,” the song “SBM” describes, with its guitars, an itinerary in the form of a delicate loop; it aims to regain one’s consciousness and one’s path towards the lost unity of body, soul, and spirit, before taking the great leap into the void of “Feet Together, Face Up, on the Front Lawn.”

Accompanied by violinist Jessica Moss, the trio ends the album on this fateful 16-minute conclusion, where a firebird can be heard in the distance, morphing into an imperial eagle, ready to spread its wings toward vast post-rock horizons that seem to be getting more and more ambitious. Having just completed their first major European tour, the Montreal band finally delivers on the promise of their new heroic soul anthem: “Say Less, Do More.”

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