Country : United States Label : Domino Genres and styles : Art Pop / Indie Rock Year : 2020
Dirty Projectors

Flight Tower EP

· by Louise Jaunet

After the poetic Windows Open EP, released last March, Dirty Projectors is back with Flight Tower, the second in a series of five EPs where the four members take turns at the controls, swapping lead vocals on each release and combining on the last one. Guitarist Maia Friedman gives way here to pianist and percussionist Felicia Douglass, whose alto voice gives the four tracks a warm soul touch, and whose catchy vocal harmonies may well make you want to sing along. David Longstreth skillfully mixes his playful compositions on piano or guitar with minimalist electronic arrangements, and with jerky and surprising rhythms that get stuck easily between your two ears. The lyrics, co-written by David and Felicia, launch an empathetic call to connect (or reconnect) more than ever with others, but also with oneself, to better brave future bad weather. This new project from Dirty Projectors heralds an exciting turning point for the band, which may well continue to punctuate our year with surprises.

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