Country : Canada (Quebec) Label : Lisbon Lux Genres and styles : Electronic / Synthwave Year : 2020
Das Mörtal

Miami Beach Witches

· by Elsa Fortant

Who am I? My musical universe is in the retrowave (hint: “outrun”), I have millions of listens with tracks like “Hotline Miami II”, I have played in major international festivals, I am the author of the soundtrack of the film Deadcon (2019), I am under contract with Lisbon Lux, I am… Das Mörtal! Like other Montreal electro artists, the Chilean-born producer, who is very successful on the other side of our borders and in certain niche markets, is struggling to find local recognition commensurate with his productions. And yet, since his first songs, quality has been the order of the day. As the title of his latest essay, Miami Beach Witches, indicates, we enter a world at the crossroads of Miami Vice and horror, tinged with dark colours with a chrome finish. The freshly released video for “It Comes”, with a production as polished as the music, features two witches and a young man, the archetypal American of the 1980s. The use of aerial voices on “Age of Solitude” and “Wicked Desires” opens a new-wave breach. The spectre of American producer Lorn hovers over “Black Summer Lips”. “The Void” stands out by getting closer to techno (a few beats per minute less and it’s an excellent new-beat track). Accessible and coherent, this second album confirms that Das Mörtal has mastered the synthwave genre intelligently, without ever falling into caricature. 

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