Pays : Canada / Québec Label : Bonsound Genres et styles : Electro-Punk Année : 2016
Duchess Says

Sciences Nouvelles

· par Nora Harun

The third album from Montreal electro-punk band Duchess Says, renowned for their theatrical live shows, is a frenzy of instrumentation and Dadaist concepts adding up to perfected, organized chaos. Frontwoman Annie-Claude Deschenes never ceases to push the boundaries in her aim to synthesize visual art and music. The first single “Negative Thoughts” takes us down the rabbit hole of an anxious mind amplified through post-punk basslines. The avant-garde is no stranger in “Talk in Shapes” and “Poubelle”, while the melodic synth-pop sensibility of “I Repeat Myself” demonstrates a more cohesive sound. As a whole, Sciences Nouvelles deconstructs punk rock to reconstruct it like no other band can.

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