Daniel Rotem – Wave Nature

· par Varun Swarup

It is perfectly fitting that Colorfield Records should come to release an album named Wave Nature. Since their founding, they have consistently put out releases that feel like waves, packets of energy that take one out of shore and back. Their improvisatory ethos celebrates music that is born of the moment, producing records that feel like artifacts, documents of the time spent at Pete Min’s Lucy’s Meat Market studio in Los Angeles.

Wave Nature is the result of Pete Min’s collaboration with Israeli L.A.-based saxophonist, Daniel Rotem. As someone oriented in the jazz tradition, Wave Nature sees Rotem stepping outside of his usual role as a leader or a sideman, now incorporating the studio into his musical landscape. While the saxophone trio context is present on “Unconditional Nourishing,” much of this record is Rotem exploring a broad range of moods and timbres with a horn-centric approach. 

Layers of brass, woodwinds, synths, and minimalist percussion give rise to ethereal soundscapes, subtle emotions, and a strong ambient flavour. Collaborations with vocalist Erin Bentlage, and guitarist Anthony Wilson add to the diversity of what is on offer. The album lends itself to introspection but to its credit never feels tedious. Especially nice is Pete Min’s studio finesse which makes for some high-fidelity listening. Another strong and eclectic release from Colorfield.

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