Country : Canada / Québec Label : independent Genres and styles : Indie Folk Year : 2019
Philémon Cimon


· by Alain Brunet

Since his debut in the 2000s, Philémon Cimon has followed an atypical path: folk, indie folk with arrangements, chanson mixed with Afro-Cuban influences, more recently… simple and very beautiful songs suited to an evening under open skies, coming from a fiercely independent human. Philémon’s latest album marks a return to the sources of his inspiration and personal identity: the Charlevoix region, a place of defining moments for him since childhood. Total circumspection is on the menu, but also maturity in every respect: the vocals are better presented, the lyrics extremely simple, the stories arriving in all registers, from relationship pain to the purest contemplation, and the music and arrangements are perfectly matched.

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